Sunday 29 April 2012

Hand made Pins for Cards

Hi all I wanted to bring to you a little tut on how I make my own hand made pins they are very easy and are great to add to your cards as you can match the colours that you want for your card theme

To start this is what you will need 
Some head pins - I got from ebay but if you have a bead store near you then you can get them from there
some beads a in decreasing sizes (ebay or bead shop)
some spacers beads these are really small beads you dont have to use them but I do
some Decorative spacers I got mine from Cuddly Buddly
flower caps they are a bit like bell caps but flatter so better to use again - ebay
a pokey tool and some glossy Accents this is the best to use it drys clear and is strong

 Use a crease matt to add a dob of glossy accents this is great as any left just peals of when dry

 to start take the head pin, flower cap and the largest bead
add a little glossy accent to the head pin at the head end

this last spacer bead finishes of the pin the pins below where
made the same way, you can chose what ever colours you want to match 
your cards
you can use whichever combo of beads and spacers you want

I hope this little tutorial help and you give it a go its fab to be able to match your pins in the colours of your card and they are also fun to make I sit in front of the tv making them so I always have a selection and because they are so quick to do you can make loads in an evening
in you have any questions email me.


  1. What a fabulous tutorial Wendy! :) These look gorgeous hun.

    I have tried making my own pins in the past but never had much luck with the glue - what a great idea to use Glossy Accents! :)

    Thank you :)


  2. Fabulous tutorial sweetie....must have a go at making these :)

  3. Wendy these are fabulous , Thank you for your comments and I am so thrilled that you are following me, Hugs Elaine

  4. So inspiring simply lovley. Hugs Sheila.x

  5. Thanks for the fab tutorial! I always admire beautiful pins, but never see them anywhere for sale--now I can make my own!