Monday, 10 October 2011

Gauze Flower Tutorial

Welcome to my First picture Tutorial to day I am going to show you how to make this fab flowers for your halloween cards

I got the material from local scrapstore if you have one near you they are worth taking a look 

this is what I got is is a sort of netty bandage in cream but you can use anthing similar that you have like fine gauze swabs just take all the cotten wool out

cut out circles from the gauze with a good pair of scizzors I used 4 large circles and 2 smaller ones if you want to add more for a fuller flower then just cut more circles
you will then need some green distress inks I used Peeled Paint from Tim Holtzs (or any colour that you want it to be).

Ink the gauze on both sides 

do all the circles of guaze

You can either use a spritzer with mica in it or just water, I used perfect pearls you can also use glimmer mist

I gave the gauze a good soaking and scrunched it up wiping up any mica or green ink on my matt

You can either let is dry on its own or dry it with a heat gun which is what I did because I couldnt be bothered to wait lol.

Once they are dry they will have a nice pearly glimmour it is a bit hard to see it in the photo but it is there. I layered the scrunched circles then with a pricky made a hole for a brad.

I added Silver Brads to mine, but you can add any type you want

I also did the same to a square to add behind the image

and there you go. I hope this was ok to follow let me know if you want to know anything 

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