Saturday 17 November 2012

Altered Shoe Tutorial Shocking Pink and Black

Altered shoe Tutorial hope you enjoy
Shocking pin and Black Ooh La La

Sorry these picks are a bit dark I took them at night I will retake them during
them during the day and update


  1. Hi Wendy, a fabulous project it is a fantastic shoe love it thanks for sharing.
    Nancyd xx

  2. Brilliant idea, Wendy! Great tutorial for altering a high hee shoe. It was wonderful watching as you figured out how you were going to decorate it. I have recently accepted that I can no longer wear high heels (3-4inches). In 2010, my spine collapsed on my central nervous system scarring some of the nerves, needless to say I have permanant nerve issues on my left side. I loved wearing heels as they made me almost 6 foot tall! Hahahaha (Sorry for rambling) anywho I have a pair of green heels, yes, green. While watching you, my mind was spinning as to how I could change the color...low and behold just at that minute you were talking of painting and Mod Podging to alter brown shoes. I won't donate them now, as I have found memories while wearing them.
    Recently, I moved outside my comfort zone and joined a craft group Mini Album Scraps, MAS for short. There are several events for swapping projects, I joined 3, all creating something that I've never done. Watching you, Fi, and several lovely talented crafters has helped me tap back into my creative side. One of the swaps I'm doing involves making 3 sets of 4 stick pins and a presentation item. Which means I will potentially be getting 12 stick pins. Altering my green high heels solves my dilemma as to how I could display them in my craft space for inspiration.
    While watching one of Fi's videos she mentioned your YouTube channel, and I realized I was already following you, without making the connection that you are Fi's friend Wendy. How silly of me! I enjoy watching you two chatting it up.
    To make a long story short (giggle). I want to thank you for providing candid unrehearsed tutorials, both yours and Fi's guidance and encouraging words have really helped me ease into my creative change. Being bold enough to put myself out there, just as candid as you two are. So thank you for that. You probably have many comments like this on your YouTube channel, but I really wanted you to know that your creative efforts are much appreciated. Hugs, Debra